Wednesday, October 11, 2017

5 Actions That Lead to True Wealth With Brandy Speer on Progress in the World

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5 Actions That Lead to True Wealth

Learn How to Face the Truth About Debt and Become Debt Free!


  1. Face Your Fears
·         Remove obstacles
·         Identify anxiety trigger. Log your greatest fears related to money in a Financial Journal
  1.  Embrace New Truths
·         Define your American Dreams & Goals
·         Make a pledge to Stand In The Truth
  1.   Change Your Financial Behavior
·         Examine Relationship Between Your Values, Emotions & Personal Finances
·         Determine Your Money Personality
  1. Create Your Financial Action Plan
·         Establish detailed goals
  1. Face Your Debt Head-On
·         What Deb t Feels Like
·         Face the Truth about Debt

Special Guest:
Business Woman--Marine Veteran Lauren Rennella who served as a United States Marine, continues her service as a mother of 2 and Entrepreneur; Licensed Insurance Agent, and acquiring her Certified Financial Education Instructor license.  She is passionate about working with military families and experienced first-hand, as a military leader, the importance of personal money management skills. Her belief you must face debt head-on; create our own financial destiny.
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What keeps you from achieving your dreams and goals?
What does it mean to face your fears?
Do emotions effect your financial well-being?
How do you create the financial life you want?
How does your past hold the key to your financial future?
How do you create new financial truths?
What does it take to turn your financial situation around and become debt free?
Why is it important to know what type of spender you are?

Topic Sources:  National Financial Educators Council; Suze Orman; Financial Literacy Action Network
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