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Projecting your message to a worldwide audience on a shoestring budget.

We want to launch a worldwide campaign to project your message. We understand the expenses involved in this and we work to keep your costs down. 

For as little as $199 per month, you can have a radio broadcast and daily postings of your content on social media.

Our Flagship Show Progress in the World

We have produced 14 cable TV and radio shows. Progress in the World focuses on Human Rights, Social Justice and the Environment.

We generate content and post on social media based on analytical data

Using automated platforms, we can blast your content to the world as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Consultations can be conducted daily via phone (up to 1 Hour), emails, webinars.

Social Media postings on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, 
LinkdIn, Flipboard,  YouTube, Reddit, Fark, StumbleUpon, and or
other customized sites. 

We use blog based technologies to keep your costs down while providing analytical data generated by Google.

Working with your existing webmaster, we can project your message worldwide. We use targeted social media campaigns.





Your customers market for you. 

With webinars, texting campaigns, Internet radio, automated webinars, lead generation and Customer Relations Management Platforms, we provide a robust international marketing campaign. 

Our use of animations and video provide superior content.

Marketing Plans

Price Per Month
2x Daily
2x Daily 6 Sites
1x Per Month 2 Hrs
1x Per Month
3x Daily
1x Every 4 Hours
6 Sites
2x Per Month
2 Hrs
2x Per Month
4x Daily
1x Every 2 Hours
6 Sites
3x Per Month 2 Hrs
3x Per Month
5x Daily
1x Every  Hour
6 sites
4x Per Month 2 Hrs
4x Per Month
Custom Plans

Don't see a plan that fits your budget? 

Call me and lets talk about tailored plans!

Bleeding Edge Technology

We can develop animations and videos starting at $20 per finished minute. Internet TV shows can be used to project your message to clients via Alphaloop, Livestream, Ustream, PresenterPro. 

Automated webinars can be scheduled to come on multiple times daily in either live or recorded formats. Our system will collect money from participants, confirm their attendance, email reminders, issue certificates and receipts.

Key Clients

·         Non profits 
(Citizens Commission on Human Rights, The Foundation for Child Victims of the Family Courts)

·         Naturopaths/Holistic Practioners  
((Dr. Edward Group, Dr. Foresythe)

·         Book Authors  (Ty Bollinger, Dr. Bart Billings, Jane Lim)

·         Activists (Julian Bond, Dr. Miguel Tinker Salas)

Contact Us:
29991 Canyon Hills Road

Ste. 1709-221

Lake Elsinore, Ca 92532-2579

760-917-1251 (USA)

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For Justice Issues

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