Friday, March 10, 2017

9 Things Lenders Look for in Credit Reports with Brandy Speer on Progress in the World

9 Things Lenders Look for in Credit Reports
Why the Population of Unbanked and Underbanked is Growing

This is a radio show. 11 AM to 1 PM Pacific, Sunday 12 March 2017.
Call in number 310-861-2349

Financial Educator Brandy Speer will share valuable information with us covering these topics:

Why So Many are Living Life Without A Bank Account
  • Reasons to be Unbanked or Underbanked
  • Boomers -vs- Millennials
  • What You Should Know About Alternative Financial Solutions
  • Facts to Know to Open A Bank Account

Fees, Fines and Penalties                     
  • High Cost of Doing Banking
  • Stress/Worry of Maintaining a Bank Account
  • Living on the Edge

Credit and FICO Score
  • Like it or not, Your Credit Score is Important
  • Credit Score and Banking Facts
  • Banks and Background Checks
  • What Items Are or Are Not in a credit report?
  • Facts to Maintain a Good Credit Score?
  • Credit Repair Companies Avoid Being Scammed

If You Want to Change Your Financial Direction
  • Change Starts with You
  • Premise Begins with Honesty About Where You Are Financially
  • Old Shattered Dreams to New Realistic Dreams
  • Actions to Take Today

Some Topic Sources                                      
National Financial Educators Council
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