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Your Holiday Survival Guide: Money & Emotions

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How about a More Affordable Less Stressful Holiday Season?
Your Holiday Spending Survival Guide:
1.      Psychology of Spending:  What they don’t want you to know.
2.      Money and Emotions
3.      7 Money Mistakes Everyone Makes During the Holidays

Ø There are pre-designed external factors that impact your financial decisions especially during the holidays (Psychology of Consumer Spending).
Ø These factors influence your decisions. (color marketing)
Ø There’s a relationship between your values, emotions and personal finance
Ø Your financial traits and habits impact your finances. 
Ø Your values and emotions will influence your financial decisions.
Ø It is important to know how money and emotions affect each other, particularly as it relates to the Holiday Season.
Ø Financial decisions (Holiday Spending) impact your future.
Ø Goals (long-term and short-term) impact your finances.
Ø Your financial situation affects your emotions.
Ø Your emotions affect your financial situation.

We help you to identify the correlation between money and emotions, so you will learn to recognize differences and similarities.

Your ability to change your behavior will impact your financial well-Being in positive ways

Let’s talk about all the emotions involved with money and making financial decisions. Robert Plutchik’s Wheel of Emotions theory says there are basically eight emotions:

1. Trust → this also includes admiration and acceptance.
2.  Fear → the feeling of being afraid, shocked, or scared.
3.  Surprise → how you feel when something unexpected           happens.
4.  Sadness → feeling sad. Other words that describe                  sadness are sorrow, grief, and depression.
5.   Disgust → feeling something is wrong or dirty.
6.   Anger → feeling angry or enraged.
7.   Anticipation → the sense of looking forward positively        to something which is going to happen.
8.   Joy → feeling happy, glad.

Some Topic Sources                                      
National Financial Educators Council (NFEC) Money and Emotion
FLAN works with people/communities/organizations/businesses who want to embrace and join forces to bring the vision of financial education (personal money management) to themselves, their families, employees and communities

Course participants will learn how to properly manage their money, save, invest and grow it.  It’s about dreams and goals!

Download our complimentary 60 to 90 minute courses for all ages.
Apply techniques that work and start to see immediate results. Full course covers key areas designed to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Money management program course overview:
·        Financial Psychology
·       Accounts and Budgeting
·       Credit and Debt
·         Banking Essentials
·         Skill Growth
·         Insurance
·        Investment Basics

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