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Progress in the World Radio Show - Rose Maidelaiden and 5 Things About the Wonderful Mind of Carlene Griffith

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Carlene Griffith grew up in San Bernardino. She is the daughter of a wonderful single mother who made it possible for her to accomplish the things that she wanted to do. She was always wanting to be involved with dance, choir, theater, cheer leading, band, etc..
Writing plays led her into writing. She had aspirations to be an Actress. She wrote her first play for an Elementary school PTA play and got her friends to perform it with her. The play was entitled “The Case of the Missing Cabbage Patch Kid Doll.”
Carlene went to San Bernardino HS and graduated in 1992. She move to LA to pursue a career in theater. She took classes at the Young Actors Space in Van Nuys, CA for a couple of years. Struggles waiting tables and taking classes, trying to get an Agent. She temped at the Walt Disney Studios’ in Burbank, CA. She eventually went back to school at Skadron Business College (business trade school). After graduation, she moved back to Glendale and accepted a temp position that led to a permanent position at Disney. She was an Executive Assistant to the VP of Creative Services for Buena Vista Home Video, a part of the WD company.
Carlene has always been interested in with writing and poetry. When she was 12, her youth leader gave her a journal and “That was the greatest gift anyone could’ve given me. I started writing in that journal and have kept it up all most of my whole life. I took a correspondence children’s literature course, then started several projects: screenplays and a musical” that are still in the works, stated Carlene.
Carlene moved back to the Inland Empire in 2003. She got married had my first son (she now has 3 children). She started teaching with CAT of corona and eventually became their Educational Director of their non-profit theater program. There, she wrote short plays for recitals.
Her family moved to Lake Elsinore in 2009. “I Started a theater program from my home called “Kinder-Theater” in the summer of 2011 and taught most summers and continued to write more short plays for the recitals”, stated Carlene
In August 2016, Carlene self-published her first book on Amazon, 10 minute Plays for Kids of all Ages which is a compilation of her recital plays.
In 2000, inspired through prayer and Y2K, Carlene came up with the idea for Rose Maidelaiden.
She took another online children’s writing course, and completed Rose Maidelaiden in February 2014. After several attempts to find a publishing company to publish her book, she became discouraged. She began to study and taught herself about self-publishing. “ I found a company called Book Fuel and started working with them and they finally helped me to get it published and released”, stated Carlene.
“What is Rose Maidelaiden: The Unofficial Tale of How the Rose got its name about? Rose Maidelaiden (besides being the story about how the Rose got it’s name) It’s a story about a talented young seamstress/weaver who makes fabric for her small town of Raboo. She’s bored and wants to make something new but Queen Nabaroo’s rule is that you can only design with checkers, strips and plaid. Queen Nabaroo isn’t someone you want to go against. (She’s kinda like the Queen of Hearts) However, She unfortunately gets on the queen’s bad side when she accidentally throws mud in Prince La’Roo’s face. This is where are story really begins. She finds herself in a mess of trouble”, states Carlene.

The story is written for children ages 9-12. It’s like a princess story without her being a princess. Carlene has aspirations to see it as a Disney Animated film.
What is the message of Rose Maidelaiden?  I guess the main message of Rose Maidelaiden is to tell young girls that you don’t have to be beautiful and perfect to accomplish your goals. That all things are possible if you are determined. Many obstacles keep Rose from what she sees as an impossible goal, but she prevails and not in the way she thought she would. Just like life. Just like my life. There is always going to be someone prettier, more talented, smarter and with more money than you. Once you accept that and love and accept yourself for who you are, you can make anything possible” states Carlene.
What are your plans for Rose Maidelaiden? “I’ve already outlined the 2nd book for her and I am getting started to work on that”, states Carlene
Can we expect other books from you? “I Currently have several works in progress. ”Edith Carmichael” a YA book and “Homesick Armand” a picture book. I also have several other underdeveloped ideas on the table –  a fantasy called “The Ever Before” and another “Ditsy Mitsy the forgetful Tooth Fairy” book; and a second edition to my “10-minute Plays for kids of all ages!”, states Carlene.
What would you like our listeners to do?  “Buy my book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble so I can write and publish more”, states Carlene.

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Rose Maidelaiden

Purchase 10 Minute Plays for Kids of All Ages Vol I`

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