Thursday, October 27, 2016

Earth Citizens – 9 Facts You Must Know to be a Better and New Kind of Human

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This is a conversation between Gavin Nasciemento in South Africa and Walter Davis in California.

Gavin Nascimento is a Life Coach, Activist, Vegan Athlete, Writer, Public Speaker and Social Media Personality.

Through his personal journey in life, along with an insatiable appetite for learning, he has developed a unique outlook and understanding of the system that we call "society" and how it functions and why.

Gavin believes that the problems of our world, both individually, and collectively, are rooted in our ignorance.

He states that this ignorance is deliberately perpetuated by the ruling class, who profits from our exploitation, and cites history, science and pragmatic logic as reason.

Gavin believes that in absence of ignorance, mankind prefers peace, over war, abundance, to scarcity, and freedom, to exploitation. Thus the key to mankind's salvation lay in the acquisition, and subsequent spread of unadulterated knowledge and verifiable Truth. Because a society without this as its foundation, will always be relegated to a form of slavery.

He also believes the only way to attain this state of being, is for us to take personal responsibility for the wellbeing of our society. Those who are awake bear the bulk of this responsibility, and must do what they can, where they are, with what they have. 

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something.

It is this outlook, along with a genuine love for Humanity and Truth, that has inspired Gavin to get involved in activism, writing and public speaking.

Tune into this dicsussion with California activist, Walter Davis.

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