Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Are You Breaking Your Bank? 9 Things That Will Improve Your Financial Outcomes - Radio Show

This is a radio show 7PM to 9PM Pacific Tuesday 6 September 2016
Call in number 310-861-2349

Brandy Speer
Small Business Advisor, Personal Finance Trainer, Public Speaker
Brandy Speer has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to step outside their comfort zone believe in themselves, take action and follow their dreams.  After working in corporate America, she is now seen as the go-to motivational speaker for corporate, association and school organizations that want their people to improve their morale, communication skills, teamwork and to ultimately achieve better results. She honed her skills to motivate audiences with her engaging and fun personality.  Brandy connects with her audiences and delivers content that they can immediately use.
As an executive in charge of business development and client management, Brandy’s background gives her tremendous insight into business protocol, talent and acquisition, marketing and sales.  She brings extensive consulting experience focused in human resources, executive management, and organizational development experience along with accounting/finance. With her background as a certified human resource professional holding positions in both Fortune 500 and start-up companies, she provides a consistent and impressive performance by leading groundbreaking initiatives and fostering longterm success across a broad spectrum of work.    
Brandy’s experiences include serving as an Aide to a Los Angeles City Councilmember, work within high-tech and bio-tech companies to leverage HR resources that directly connect to company’s bottom-line.  She served for 12 years with one of the nation’s leading applied arts college to recruit, train, develop college representatives as public speakers.  The training and development program required her to travel extensively abroad studying different cultures as a way of expanding the creative process, and to gain insight into how culture impacts the applied arts arena.
In 1997 Brandy started HR Management Solutions, a small business support center assisting entrepreneurs, business management and independent service providers to protect and grow their businesses.  In an effort to encourage higher education and provide career guidance, she began motivational speaking to high school-college students.  In 2012, motivated by the effects of a negative US economy on friends, family, and community, she joined the National Financial Literacy Movement and expanded her business acumen with certification from National Financial Educators Council as a Financial Literacy Trainer and an Ambassador- member of Speakers Association and started Financial Literacy Action Network; an independent social enterprise focused on providing personal money management skills to individuals.  Her mission to positively impact the lives of 100,000 people to realize their dreams, take action to gain control of their personal finances.  Brandy’s Employee Financial Wellness helps employees to focus on their personal money management skills.  Employees gain control of their finances and, become more focused at work thereby bringing a positive effect to the employers bottom-line.

She has motivated thousands of high school/college students to dream big and never give up with Illuminating topics such as: “How to Stay Ahead of Today’s Job Market” with feature topics that include:  Job Search Strategies for Teens, Tools to Land the Job,  Bragging: How to Pitch Yourself, Job-Ready Dress, Mock Interviews, The Art of Staying Employed, Character & Ethics in the Workplace, Business Etiquette Around the World, Beyond Words: Subconscious Communication, The Economics of Business and more.
In addition to being a popular motivational speaker, she is a leader in Greater San Diego community works with professional, community organizations: Chamber of Commerce, IMPACT Brand Presence, Legal Action Network and Women’s Resource Center.  She has served on non-profit, corporate, school boards, and held other associations chair positions.
·        After many years in corporate world
·        Focused in HR/Finance & accounting
·        Biotech, high tech, education &political arena,
·        Started my business as a management consultant in 1994.
·        Became the go-to motivational speaker
·        For corporate, organization, and schools
·        To personally develop employees, students, and their families
·        Training & development with soft skills like…
·        Business communication, teamwork, how to market/brand yourself, morale,
·        Business etiquette, Cultural diversity, sexual harassment in order to achieve better results.
·        I honed my skills to motivate audiences with engaging & fun presentations.

·        I deliver content that audiences can immediately use in their day-to-day lives

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