Sunday, February 18, 2018

15 Things You Must Know About Your Credit Report and How to Get Out of Debt - Radio Show with Brandy Speer

Brandy Speer

This is a radio show. Monday 19 February 2018 11 AM Pacific.

Credit Card Do’s…
§  Do Use a Credit Card (to build credit score)
§  Try to get the lowest possible interest rates
§  Pay minimum due on current bills
§  Pay more than minimum on highest-rate card
§  Seek help from Certified Debt Management Counselors
Credit Card Don’ts…
§  Automatically cancel credit cards
§  Fall prey to debt consolidators
     Credit Score Do’s…
§  Understand why you need a strong credit score
§  Embrace your FICO Credit Score
§  Set your target minimum 720 score
§  Pay bills in full each month and on time
§  Use only small percentage of available credit
     Credit Score Don’ts…
§  Open lots of new accounts in a short period of time
§  Take open a store credit card (try to avoid)
§  Co-sign a credit card application for someone else

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This is a radio show. Monday 19 February 2018 11 AM Pacific.

Topic Sources                                                               

National Financial Educators Council, National Consumer Law Center, Federal Trade Commission: Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Suze Orman

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