Sunday, August 13, 2017

5 Ways Food Coops Can Create Jobs: Radio Show

Sue Struthers has a bachelor degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from UCLA.

She is a Riverside Food Cooperative, Board Member and Treasurer since early 2013. She creates a recipe collection for Coop crop box subscribers and Teaches cooking with less waste for Heal Zone education component, including quick pickling, proper storage for longer produce life, and using more parts of vegetables.

She is a Riverside Food Systems Alliance, Member of the Executive Board and Treasurer since inception in 2015.

Her projects include: Grow Riverside planning committee, grant writing committees to promote local food access, planning Community Gatherings on Cottage Foods, Slow Money and gleaning.

She is a Gleaners for Good, organizer and fruit picker, since January 2017. She promotes ideas, scheduling gleaning crews for unneeded fruit, delivery to local food banks. She maintains a database of pickers, growers, food banks.

We will discuss:
What is a food coop?
What are the benefits of a coop? 
How does a coop operate? 
What is membership money, and how is it used? 
What happens to my money if I leave the area? 
Where will the Riverside Food Coop store be? 
When will it open? 
What is the Riverside Food Coop doing to serve the community right now?

Riverside Food Cooperative

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