Tuesday, February 7, 2017

James Wedmore: The Biggest Podcast Mistake

This week I’m resting up for my Inner Circle RETREAT here in Laguna Beach, CA! This is where I get spend a few days masterminding, brainstorming and coaching high-performance entrepreneurs looking for that cutting edge!
So... while I gear up for the retreat, I wanted to share with you my latest Podcast episode on The Mind Your Business Show: How to Launch YOUR Podcast!
As you may already know, my co-host Phoebe Mroczek and I just had our Podcast’s 1 year anniversary! To celebrate, Phoebe came down to Laguna for a few days to record and batch a bunch of Episodes for Q1 of 2017 (tip #2 in this week’s episode)!
In this week’s episode, you’ll learn the 6 tips we WISH we knew before getting started with podcasting, so you can increase your reach and impact more people.
Imagine if all of your raving fans and future customers had YOU in their ear for 30-40 minutes a day....
What would that do for your brand?
Your sales?
Your LIFE?!
...the noisier and more saturated the marketplace gets, the more ESSENTIAL creating your platform becomes!
Don’t get drowned out!
Have a listen to my latest episode of The Mind Your Business Podcast
Here are SOME of the topics you can expect MYB to cover soon:
  • Tapping Into Abundance
  • Creating a Winning Team
  • Effortless Launching
  • Understanding Crystals
  • And MUCH more...
James Wedmore

P.S. For more strategies on how to take your show to the next level, check out Episode #61: Harnessing the Power of Podcasting, where we share the 21 tips for successful podcasting.

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