Tuesday, January 31, 2017

70 Winning Resumes That You Have to See

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  1. I stumbled here investigating your multi media marketing and got stuck on the blue wall of silence. Walter that's my jam. You look at my facebook page, you'll see that police accountability or the lack thereof has always been my cause celebrae'
    What's frustrating is, we all know some great cops, to affect any sort of real change has to start with them.
    One might think being a cop is a respectable honor job. But if one unarmed black teenager who is slowly walking down the street in Chicago gets shot 13 time in the back then the negative shock wave is nation wide. All the sudden being a cop in Ohio no longer carries the same prestige. The courts have to show the cops that they will face the same penalties as you or I.
    I followed the Fred Kelly murder trial against the 2 Fullerton cops to it's sad ending. The examples abound- Detective Emanuel Herreras out of Houston Texas PLEAD GUILTY to rape. Plead guilty to using the authority of his position to coerce the young lady into a van where he raped her. You'd have to admit if you or I committed that crime we would be hard pressed to do as well in court. His sentence? 5 years probation. Nothing stains the job of police officer more than that.


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