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Special Broadcast: Hannibal B. Johnson - The Worst Race Riot in U.S. History

Special Broadcast: Featuring Hannibal B. Johnson, Esq. as we discuss the mass killing of black people by whites in Tulsa, OK in 1921.

Tulsa, OK 1921. The total number of black people killed will never be know. 

Progress in the World Radio Show
9 AM to 11 AM

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The interview with Hannibal will take place between 9 AM and 10 AM.
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Hannibal B. Johnson is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He did his undergraduate work at The University of Arkansas, where he completed a double major in economics and sociology. Johnson is an attorney, author, and independent consultant specializing in diversity & inclusion/cultural competence issues and nonprofit governance. Johnson has also served as an adjunct professor at The University of Tulsa College of Law (legal writing; legal ethics), Oklahoma State University (leadership and group dynamics; business law [MBA Program]), and the University of Oklahoma (ethics; cultural diversity; race & reason; The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot; nonprofit leadership & management).

Johnson is past president of Leadership Tulsa, past president of the Metropolitan Tulsa Urban League and past president of the Northeast Oklahoma Black Lawyers Association. He served as Chairman of the board of directors of The Community Leadership Association, an international leadership organization, during 2001 – 2002, and is a founding director of the Oklahoma Appleseed Center for Law and Justice. He currently serves on the Oklahoma Advisory Committee for the United States Commission on Civil Rights, and as Immediate Past Chairman of the board of directors of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries. Johnson directed Anytown, Oklahoma, a statewide human relations camp for teens, for more than a decade. He has served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma and on the Advisory Board of the Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Writers Conference of the Southwest. Johnson served as chairman of board of directors of The Rotary Club of Tulsa, 2015 – 2016, and chaired the Club’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee during that same period. 

He serves on the Institutional Review Board for Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences, on the Tulsa Public Schools Fine Arts Advisory Board and is a past chair of the board of directors of the Foundation for Tulsa Schools. He has also served as a member of the board of directors of the Oklahoma Humanities Council. He served on the Programs Committee for the John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation and organized the Center’s annual symposium for several years. In 2004, Mr. Johnson graduated with the inaugural class of the national “Connecting Community Fellowship Program” based in Richmond, Virginia.

Johnson’s books include: Images of America: Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District; Black Wall Street--From Riot to Renaissance in Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District; Up From the Ashes—A Story About Community; Acres of Aspiration—The All-Black Towns in Oklahoma; Mama Used To Say—Wit & Wisdom From The Heart & Soul; No Place Like HomeA Story About an All-Black, All-American Town; IncogNegroPoetic Reflections on Race & Diversity in America; and Apartheid in Indian Country?: Seeing Red Over Black Disenfranchisement. Johnson’s play, Big Mama Speaks—A Tulsa Race Riot Survivor’s Story, has been performed at the Tulsa Performing Arts Center, Philbrook Museum of Art, and was selected for the 2011 National Black Theatre Festival in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Johnson is a contributing writer to the Encyclopedia of African American History (New York, New York: Facts on File, Inc. 2010), penning two articles: Langston, Oklahoma and the Birth of the All-Black Town Movement; and Edward Preston McCabe—The Father of the All-Black Town Movement).

Johnson’s honors include: the 2016 Whitney M. Young, Jr., Service Award from the Boy Scouts of America; the 2015 National Philanthropy Day Award for Diversity and Inclusion from the Association of Fundraising Professionals; the 2013 “The Inclusives” diversity award from Tulsa’s Young Professionals; the 2012 “Ada Lois Sipuel Fisher Diversity Award” from the Oklahoma Bar Association; the “Don Newby/Ben Hill” award from Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry; the “Keeping The Dream Alive” award from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration Society; the “Outstanding Service to the Public Award” from the Oklahoma Bar Association; the “Ten Outstanding Young Tulsans” award from the Tulsa Jaycees; the “Distinguished Leadership Award” from the National Association for Community Leadership; the 2005 “Ralph Ellison Literary Award” from the Black Liberated Arts Center; the 2006 Oklahoma Human Rights Award from the Oklahoma Human Rights Commission;  induction into the 100 Black Men of Tulsa, Inc. “Hall of Honor” in 2007; and the “Goodwill Appreciation Award” from the Islamic Society of Tulsa in 2008.


Hannibal B. Johnson

  • Apartheid in Indian Country? looks at the controversy over the citizenship status of the descendants of persons of African ancestry who lived among the Five Civilized Tribes, the “Freedmen.” The ancestors of some of the Freedmen were enslaved by the Five Tribes, while others were free persons living among those tribes. The Freedmen claim treaty, blood, and affinity relationships to the Five Tribes. [Audience: high school students and adults] (Eakin Press; ISBN 13: 978-1-935632-34-4) 

o   Black Wall Street traces the history of Tulsa’s African-American community, renowned nationally in the early twentieth century for its preeminent Black entrepreneurs. Tulsa was the site of the worst race riot in American history in 1921. Some 300 people were killed and property damage ran into the millions.  Tulsa’s African-Americans overcame. The Greenwood District was rebuilt and, by 1942, boasted 242 black-owned and black-operated business establishments. The book is a testament to the human spirit. [Audience: high school students and adults] (Eakin Press; ISBN 193464538-9)

  • Up From The Ashes tells the story of the development, destruction, and rebuilding of a dynamic neighborhood from a child’s perspective. Based on actual historical events, it is a positive, life-affirming book. Readers will discover what it means to be part of a community, with all its ups and downs.  The book demonstrates many of the timeless virtues we all cherish, not just for ourselves, but for our children: faith, determination, integrity, humility, and compassion. [Audience: elementary school students] (Eakin Press; ISBN 978-1-940130-43-9)     

o   Acres of Aspiration tells the story of the all-Black towns in Oklahoma.  Prominently in Kansas, then principally in Oklahoma, all-black towns founded by black seekers mushroomed in the post-Reconstruction era.  Weary Southern migrants formed their own frontier communities, largely self-sustaining.  Black towns offered hope—hope of full citizenship; hope of self-governance; and hope of full participation, through land ownership, in the American dream. Despite an auspicious beginning, the all-black town movement crested between 1890 and 1910, a time when American capitalism transitioned from agrarian to urban. This and a host of other social and economic factors ultimately sealed the fates of these unique, historic oases. Many perished.  Most faded. Only the strong survived. The few that remain serve as testaments to the human spirit and monuments to the power of hope, faith, and community. [Audience: high school students and adults] (Eakin Press; ISBN 1-57168-664-9)

  • Mama Used to Say captures one mother’s wit and wisdom on a whole host of twelve select topics: life & living; family & relationships; right & wrong; money & work; time; success & failure; race; religion; love; respect; education; and integrity.  At once witty and poignant, Mama Used to Say, through its anecdotes, adages, meditations, and reflections, offers the reader opportunities for self-examination and personal growth.  The common thread running through Mama Used to Say is the universality of a mother’s love and seemingly boundless capacity for nurturing, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well. [Audience: high school students and adults] (HAWK Publishing; ISBN 1-930709-46-3)

o    IncogNegro recounts, poetically, stories of race and diversity. Listen.  Listening breeds empathy, evokes compassion, and moves us a step closer to walking the proverbial mile in someone else’s shoes. Everything begins with that first step. Ultimately, like actors on the world stage, each of us has some role, however small, to play in fostering an accepting, inclusive, diverse community. (PublishAmerica; ISBN 1-60474-696-3).

o    Tulsa’s Historic Greenwood District recounts the Greenwood story in captioned photographs. [Audience: high school students and adults] (Arcadia Publishing; ISBN978-1-4671-1128-7)


Diversity & Inclusion: Diversity is. Inclusion may or may not be. Understanding and appreciating our differences and core commonalities is essential. Let an expert help you leverage your human capital.

o    Diversity and inclusion assessments
o    Diversity and inclusion lectures, workshops, and one-on-one consultation
o    Promoting mutual respect/understanding differences
o    Fostering awareness of our ever-changing diversity 
o    Encouraging strategic thinking about diversity
o    Stimulating critical thinking about diversity issues

Nonprofit Leadership & Management: In today’s world, nonprofit organizations are more important than ever. Let an expert assist you with your nonprofit needs, from training and development to coaching.

o    Understanding board/staff roles & responsibilities
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Strategic Planning: It is critical to have a plan. Let an expert help you and your organization decide what is really important and how best to achieve those ends.

o    Setting goals
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Group Dynamics: No one is an island. Let an expert help you gel as a team and learn to work with one another, even when the going gets rough.

o    Developing cohesive teams
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Leadership: Identifying, developing and empowering individuals is the essence of leadership. Let an expert help you facilitate this process in the context of your organization.

o    Identifying values & vision
o    Understanding the leadership context
o    Developing leadership skills 

Hannibal B. Johnson, Esq.

Author, Attorney & Consultant

121 North Greenwood Avenue, Suite “G,” Tulsa, Oklahoma 74120
918.585.6770 (office); 918.406.8934 (cell);

The Top 9 Strategies That Will Reduce Your Debt Featuring Brandy Speer - Progress in the World Radio Show

Brandy Speer

The Top 9 Strategies That Will Reduce Your Debt Featuring Brandy Speer

Progress in the World Radio Show
Sunday 25 September 2016
1PM to 3 PM Pacific
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The Top 9 Strategies That Will Reduce Your Debt Including 21 Proven Ways to Reduce Your Spending Right Now!

The only reason a great many American families don't own an elephant is that they have never been offered an elephant for a dollar down and easy weekly payments. — Mad Magazine 
How you manage your money today will determine your financial freedom tomorrow. 

FLAN works with people/communities/organizations/businesses who want to embrace and join forces to bring the vision of financial education (personal money management) to themselves, their families, employees and communities. Course participants will learn how to properly manage their money, save, invest and grow it. It's about dreams and goals!
Learn How You Can Download our complimentary 60 to 90 minute courses for all ages. Apply techniques that work and start to see immediate results. Full course covers key areas designed to help you achieve your personal financial goals. Get a money management program course overview. 

Financial Literacy Action Network Brandy Speer, Executive Director
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San Marcos, CA 92069

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Are You Breaking Your Bank? 9 Things That Will Improve Your Financial Outcomes - Radio Show

This is a radio show 7PM to 9PM Pacific Tuesday 6 September 2016
Call in number 310-861-2349

Brandy Speer
Small Business Advisor, Personal Finance Trainer, Public Speaker
Brandy Speer has spent years motivating and inspiring audiences to step outside their comfort zone believe in themselves, take action and follow their dreams.  After working in corporate America, she is now seen as the go-to motivational speaker for corporate, association and school organizations that want their people to improve their morale, communication skills, teamwork and to ultimately achieve better results. She honed her skills to motivate audiences with her engaging and fun personality.  Brandy connects with her audiences and delivers content that they can immediately use.
As an executive in charge of business development and client management, Brandy’s background gives her tremendous insight into business protocol, talent and acquisition, marketing and sales.  She brings extensive consulting experience focused in human resources, executive management, and organizational development experience along with accounting/finance. With her background as a certified human resource professional holding positions in both Fortune 500 and start-up companies, she provides a consistent and impressive performance by leading groundbreaking initiatives and fostering longterm success across a broad spectrum of work.    
Brandy’s experiences include serving as an Aide to a Los Angeles City Councilmember, work within high-tech and bio-tech companies to leverage HR resources that directly connect to company’s bottom-line.  She served for 12 years with one of the nation’s leading applied arts college to recruit, train, develop college representatives as public speakers.  The training and development program required her to travel extensively abroad studying different cultures as a way of expanding the creative process, and to gain insight into how culture impacts the applied arts arena.
In 1997 Brandy started HR Management Solutions, a small business support center assisting entrepreneurs, business management and independent service providers to protect and grow their businesses.  In an effort to encourage higher education and provide career guidance, she began motivational speaking to high school-college students.  In 2012, motivated by the effects of a negative US economy on friends, family, and community, she joined the National Financial Literacy Movement and expanded her business acumen with certification from National Financial Educators Council as a Financial Literacy Trainer and an Ambassador- member of Speakers Association and started Financial Literacy Action Network; an independent social enterprise focused on providing personal money management skills to individuals.  Her mission to positively impact the lives of 100,000 people to realize their dreams, take action to gain control of their personal finances.  Brandy’s Employee Financial Wellness helps employees to focus on their personal money management skills.  Employees gain control of their finances and, become more focused at work thereby bringing a positive effect to the employers bottom-line.

She has motivated thousands of high school/college students to dream big and never give up with Illuminating topics such as: “How to Stay Ahead of Today’s Job Market” with feature topics that include:  Job Search Strategies for Teens, Tools to Land the Job,  Bragging: How to Pitch Yourself, Job-Ready Dress, Mock Interviews, The Art of Staying Employed, Character & Ethics in the Workplace, Business Etiquette Around the World, Beyond Words: Subconscious Communication, The Economics of Business and more.
In addition to being a popular motivational speaker, she is a leader in Greater San Diego community works with professional, community organizations: Chamber of Commerce, IMPACT Brand Presence, Legal Action Network and Women’s Resource Center.  She has served on non-profit, corporate, school boards, and held other associations chair positions.
·        After many years in corporate world
·        Focused in HR/Finance & accounting
·        Biotech, high tech, education &political arena,
·        Started my business as a management consultant in 1994.
·        Became the go-to motivational speaker
·        For corporate, organization, and schools
·        To personally develop employees, students, and their families
·        Training & development with soft skills like…
·        Business communication, teamwork, how to market/brand yourself, morale,
·        Business etiquette, Cultural diversity, sexual harassment in order to achieve better results.
·        I honed my skills to motivate audiences with engaging & fun presentations.

·        I deliver content that audiences can immediately use in their day-to-day lives

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Top 10 African Social Networks

Top 10 African Social Networks

10 Africanzone – The site acts as a dating site while also offering business to business services. African men and women looking for love and romance can connect on the site and business people can use it to list their business and as a marketplace to sell products and services.

9 Blueworld – is a South African social community where users can create a customisable online presence for and make new friends. It also offers a wide variety of interactive tools including photo tagging, video sharing, blogging, status updates and band profiles. The site is geared towards younger participants and has a fun and neatly-ordered feel to it.

8 Africanplanet – Again this platform offers members both personal and business services. It’s a place where people can connect with other Africans from across the continent and they can also seek therapy and vent some spleen on the popular Afrotherapy page. Here, subscribers can rant about their love lives and discuss a range of more personal topics such as abortion.

7 Afroterminal – Is aimed at keeping Africans across the world in touch with one another through discussions and live chats. Users can download images and videos and use forums for staying in touch and discussing hot topics. It has a highly interactive flavour.

6 Bongoline, is the online community for Tanzanians from a wide range of backgrounds. The site publishes and discusses content on many issues which affect the Tanzanian community. It was founded on the basis of simplicity and functionality and aims to make negotiating the site far easier than many of its competitors.

5 Yookos – Initially founded in 2011 by Chris Oyakhilome, the leader of a church organisation called Christ Embassy International, it was used primarily by church members. However, the site now has some 10 million registered users across the globe and claims despite is Christian roots it is a meeting place for everyone regardless of politics, religion or gender.

4 Twitter – South Africans are the most active Twitter uses on the continent and currently the site has  1.1 million registered users in SA alone, while the next big African nation to enjoy tweeting is Kenya closely followed by Nigeria, Eygpt and Morocco.

3 Linkedin- The site enjoys similar popularity as Twitter, although as elsewhere in the world is primarily seen by Africans as a recruitment networking site. It offers primarily business and professional networking services.
2 Facebook – Loved around the globe, Mark Zuckerberg’s social networking site is equally enjoyed by Africans. Figures from 2011 show at that time it was  used by 80.7 percent of internet users across the continent and has undoubtedly grown since then.

1 MXit – is South Africa’s most popular social network with in excess of 10 million users. It allows users to send and receive one-on-one text and multimedia messages to and from other users and in general chat rooms. MXit also supports gateways to other instant messaging platforms such as MSN Messenger, ICQ and Google Talk. It does not charge for one-to-one messages though mobile operators may charge for data usage. It was first released as a mobile phone IM client available on a variety of phones. Founded at Stellenbosch University, the media giant Naspers acquired a 30 percent stake in the company for an undisclosed amount in 2007. By September 2011, MXit was acquired by South African investment group, World of Avatar. Today it is a formidable component of the social media stratosphere on the continent.

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Real Time Marketing Guide - Everything You Need to Know

Real-Time Marketing Guide – Everything You Need To Know

Originally published on Real Time Marketing Guide. See links  above to original posting.

Real-Time Marketing Guide – Everything You Need To Know

The following is a guest post by Nick Rojas. Nick Andrew Rojas is a self-taught serial entrepreneur who has worked with various startups as a business consultant.  He’s also a journalist focusing on technology, marketing, and social media.  He loves meeting new people online and being challenged with new projects.  He loves to connect so reach out on Twitter!  @nickarojas
It’s the weekend – did you plan every move? Have a general idea of what you need to do? Or are you just going to see what comes up?
It’s your Marketing platform. Did you plan (and budget) every move? Have a general idea of what you need to do? Or are you just going to see what comes up? If you fall into the last category, you should be aware that your approach has a name. It’s called “Real-Time Marketing,” because in general, that’s what you’re doing: capitalizing on the spur of the moment – a whatever happens, kind of marketing that can work to a business’ advantage.

Real-Time Marketing

Real-Time Marketing is a way to promote (market) your business in relationship to something relevant right now. What are people talking about/thinking about in your area? Across the country? It can be something as basic as taking out an ad or posting on on-site banner congratulating the Little League baseball team you sponsor on winning their regional championship. You didn’t know it would happen, but your customers are talking about it, so you respond –you insert yourself into the conversation.
The possibilities are as endless as the news cycle. At the recent Oscar Awards, host Chris Rock had his daughter’s Girl Scout troop sell cookies to the A-List celebrities in the audience. These famous actors and directors actually bought, ate and shared GS cookies while sitting in the theater. What kind of reference could you make to your product selling “faster than Girl Scout cookies at the Oscars?”

March Madness?

College basketball’s schedule for March Madness might be an excellent springboard for your next promotion, especially if there’s a huge upset. If you pay attention to the play-offs and work quickly, when people talk about the game, they may link you to it!
Whatever they may be, tomorrow’s events are the next potential themes for your marketing efforts. Real-Time Marketing is spontaneous and bold. Yet, in business, even spontaneity needs a little planning. If advertising is of interest, do some research on your options from newspapers to radio and television. If you’re planning a campaign on social media, be sure your platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter are established, or at the very least you’ve opened an account on these systems.

Read the Fine PrintReal-Time Marketing Guide (1)

However, consider a couple of precautions: politics is a slippery slope. Should you attach your business to a political act or candidate, you run the risk of offending just as many people as you attract. This goes for everything from the local school board, to the national presidential bid.
Anything controversial in your area may be ripe for targeting, but is also sensitive, and you want to avoid running a promotional message related to something considered divisive. (If you’re thinking the worse the topic you address, the more you’ll appear on the evening news, well, remember that stories are told from a point of view. If you’re perceived as trying to build on someone else’s misfortune, simply put, this will backfire, and not win you new customers.)
Additionally, vet your approach very carefully. Run your potential ad by people who can give you honest feedback, with no stake in the game. If your message is the least bit offensive, you need to know about it before you spend money, time, energy – and most importantly – your organization’s reputation on it.
Real-Time Marketing is an approach that offers spontaneous and creative ways for businesses to reach their target audience. Devise a methodology to stay on top of trending topics and hashtags in order to be on the constant lookout for opportunities to capitalize from real-time marketing!